Job Application Form

1. Personal Details

2. Emergency Contact

3. Health & Safety

4. Employment History

5. Preferred Work

6. Other Details

7. Skills

8. Declaration

Examples: hearing loss, eye conditions, heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, repetitive strain injury, shoulder/neck/back pain, abnormal blood pressure, muscle pain/discomfort, surgical procedures, chemical sensitivity diabetes

Examples: campylobacter, chicken pox, conjunctivitis (viral & bacterial), cryptosporidium giardia, gastroenteritis (viral), glandular fever, hand/foot and mouth Disease, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, measles, meningitis (meningococcal), mumps, rubella, ringworm, salmonella, scabies, slapped cheek, streptococcal sore throat, Typhoid, whooping cough (pertussis)

Packhouse Shift Hours

Day: Tuesday to Sunday - 7:00am - 5:30pm

Night: Tuesday to Sunday - 6:00pm - 4:30am

Orchard Hours

Monday to Saturday - 7:00am - 5:30pm

Please note that if you are not a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident, you are required to provide evidence of your New Zealand work entitlement when applying for a position. Please leave a copy of your passport and work visa at reception. Applications will only be considered where evidence of New Zealand working rights are provided.

Criminal Offences

Declaration & Consent:

I consent to OPAC seeking information, on a confidential basis, about me from any previous employers or referees and authorise the information sought to be released for the purposes of ascertaining my suitability for the position for which I am applying. The information received by OPAC is supplied in confidence, and evaluative material will not be disclosed. I also consent to OPAC seeking information from the Government Agencies or providing information to Government Agencies for employment related purposes. I consent to OPAC verifying my immigration status with Immigration New Zealand. For the purpose of providing a safe and healthy workplace, I acknowledge that I will be asked to undergo a pre-employment drug test. Refusal to undergo a drug test or a failed test will result in me not being employed. If I am employed before the results of my pre-employment drug test are available and/or receive a failed result, then my employment will be terminated immediately. I also acknowledge that I may be drug/alcohol tested, following a workplace accident/incident, reasonable cause and randomly tested. Refusal to undergo a drug/alcohol test is considered serious misconduct and may result in immediate dismissal. I declare that all the information supplied in this application is true and correct and I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or suppressed information on this form or on any other document provided to OPAC in any form whatsoever by any means, may lead to disqualification, or if appointed, to termination.

What happens next